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    Products Index

    Missile Systems
    Composite Payload Adapter
    Missile Shround Structures
    High Performance Rocket Motor Cases
    High Temperature Polymer Composites Dorsal Fin
    Composite Cruise Missile Fairing

    Canisters and Containers
    Extended Area Protection System (EAPS) Canister
    Vertical Launch System (VLS) Missile Canister
    Advanced APKWS 2.75" Launcher
    Composite Canisters
    Mechanical Devices
    Drop and Shock Mitigation
    In-House Qualification Testing

    Space and Stable Structures
    Orion Launch Abort System (LAS) Fillet
    Carbon-Carbon Optics
    Orion TPSS Attachment Structure (TAS)
    Lunar Lander Dually Tapered Strut
    Orion Crush Core
    Composite Strut Production

    Propulsion Systems
    Pressurant and Propellant Tanks
    High performance rocket Motor Cases
    Filament Winding
    High Pressure Burst Testing

    Aircraft Structures
    Commercial Aircraft Fuselage Panels
    Kiowa 4 Helicopter Universal Weapons Pylon (UWP)
    Orca Fairings
    Fabrication and Test Support Nacelle Structures

    Testing and Evaluation
    ASTM Materials Characterization
    High Rate Infrared Heating (HiRIF)
    Instrumentation/Data Acquisition
    Environmental Conditioning and Testing
    Thermal Conditioned Materials Characterization
    Hydrostatic Burst Testing
    Load Frame Fatigue Testing
    Drop Shock and Frequency Analysis
    High Speed Video Capture
    Missile Test Launch Facility

    Engineering Services
    Nanotechnology for Lightweight
    Shielded Cables and Harnesses
    Nanotechnology for Multifunctionsl Structures
    Composite Monorail
    Low Shock Stage Separation Composite V Band
    Double Bag VARTM


    Bladder Casting
    HD Composites
    San Diego Composites

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