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  • Space and Stable structures
    Space and Stable Structures

    SDC is built for the design and fabrication of structures for space applications and stable platforms. SDC has partnered to produce flight hardware both in build to specification and build to requirements roles. Our HD Composites factory of the future uses the latest software and tools to maintain all digital processing and part inspections throughout the fabrication process. As a small and agile business, SDC provides rapid engineering development (design and test) — resulting in cutting edge material solutions for our customers

      In-House Capabilities Allow SDC to Design and Fabricate Space Structures Quickly and Affordably
    • Strong engineering capabilities
    • Specialized material analyses
    • Unique testing
    • Emphasis on quality control
    • Low tolerance for part-to-part variance
    Orion Launch Abort System (LAS) Fillet
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    Carbon Carbon Optics
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    Missle Fairing
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    Lunar Lander Dually Tapered Strut
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    Orion Crush Core
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    Composite Strut Production
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