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    Missile Systems

    SDC has built an industry reputation for designing, manufacturing, and delivering high quality lightweight missile systems hardware under accelerated schedules. Weight reduction is desired in missile system components to allow for greater lateral interceptor agility, time to target, and Vbo performance for enhanced lethality. SDC can accomplish product and tooling design, advanced composite processing, complete manufacturing, final machining, and delivery of lightweight missile systems hardware to customers only months after receipt of order

    In-House Capabilities Allow SDC to Rapidly Design, Develop, and Manufacture Advanced Composites for Lightweight Missile Systems Applications

    • SDC strives to develop innovative next generation technology for missile system applications
    • SDC has a unique set of capabilities for successfully taking a product from design to test in its San Diego facility
    • Engineers at SDC have vast experience and knowledge in the areas pertaining to Missile systems: Tactical Missiles and Missile Defense


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