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    Engineering Services

    Always ready for a challenge, SDC develops technologies for unique applications that require next generation technologies to attain solutions. Founded on engineering research and development of advanced technologies, SDC is built for these types of applications. Within Engineering Services, SDC performs the engineering required to develop new composite products and technologies and transition them to production. SDC provides rapid response in demonstrating new technologies for components and/or systems

    In-House Capabilities Allow SDC to Develop Next Generation Technologies Quickly and Affordably

    • Systems integration
    • Design and structural analysis
    • Material and process development
    • Prototype and test
    • Process optimization
    • Transition to production

    SDC Nanotechnology
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    Composite Toroidal Tanks
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    Filament Wound Structures
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    Composite Monorail
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    Low Shock Stage Separation Composite V Band
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    Double Bag VARTM
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