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    SDC Brings NASA’s Mission to Mars Home to San Diego

    Large-Scale Structural Test Frame Operational at SDC


    SAN DIEGO, CA, June 2017 – San Diego Composites (SDC) now provides large-scale structural testing to the aerospace and defense community. SDC's new test frame is easily expandable but has a standard footprint of 15-feet by 15-feet and is capable of handling structures as tall as 25-feet. The structural test frame was designed to be versatile enough to handle both multi-axial and single-axis loads up to 300,000 lb or more.

    The large-scale structural test frame is currently being utilized to perform acceptance testing of the Launch Abort System (LAS) Fillet and Ogive panels for NASA's Orion space vehicle. The LAS Fillet and Ogive acceptance testing consists of over thirty different lateral and normal pressure load cases as well as bonded insert testing and non-destructive ultrasonic evaluation. SDC engineers designed multiple test fixtures and hardware interfaces to meet the customer's specific load vector and constraint requirements.

    Orion Panels Undergoing Acceptance Testing
    Orion Panels Undergoing Acceptance Testing
    Orion Panels Undergoing Acceptance Testing

    The large-scale structural test frame, in conjunction with SDC's multi-channel Dewetron data acquisition system, fiber optic strain gages, and infrared heating elements, greatly expands SDC's state-of-the-art test capabilities for the aerospace and defense community.

    For more information about SDC's testing capabilities, please contact Kenny Kenzel at (858) 751-0450.

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