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    SDC Brings NASA’s Mission to Mars Home to San Diego

    SDC Designs and Delivers RF-Transparent High Temperature Thermal Chamber


    SAN DIEGO, CA, June 2017 – San Diego Composites (SDC) continues to build its RF-transparent product offerings with the design and fabrication of a composite RF thermal conditioning chamber. The chamber is unique in that it can perform thermal cycling of aerospace components during radio frequency (RF) testing. The chamber has an operating temperature range of -230F to 400F and uses no metallic components (including fasteners) which would interfere with RF testing.

    Completed RF Thermal Chamber Assembly

    The thermal chamber design reduces stresses in the joints due to temperature differences by using a combination of high-temperature fiberglass/epoxy walls, bonded joints, and fiber-reinforced non-metallic fasteners. SDC performed the design and qualification of the chamber to meet all of the challenging test environments. The nearly 7-foot tall structure features a removable hinged door, thermal inlet and exhaust ducts, and a RF-transparent window that limits transmission loss through the window to 1 dB over a 40 Ghz range.

    Thermal Analysis of Chamber
    Thermal Analysis of Chamber

    For more information about the RF Thermal Chamber or SDC's high-temperature fabrication capabilities, please contact Daniel Avina at (858) 751-0450.

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