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  • Space and Stable structures

    Composite Strut Production

    Composite Strut
    • Developed a lightweight high stiffness composite strut with aluminum end caps
    • Hardware serves as support structure for major European satellite constellation
      propulsion system
      • Delivered 15 ship sets of flight hardware (120 struts)
    • Developed design, production fabrication process, conducted and passed qualification testing
    • Developed novel adhesive injection method for bonding of end caps to composite tubes
    • SDC leveraging unique experience with durability and high rate production of small diameter composite tubes from golf shaft industry with aerospace quality to fabricate lightweight thin walled tubes for high stiffness application
    San Diego Composites
    Roll Wrapping and Tape Wrapping for Debulk
    Roll Wrapping and Tape Wrapping for Debulk
    Composite Struts for Galileo Satellite Propulsion Support System
    Composite Struts for Major European Satellite Constellation Propulsion Support System