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    Lunar Lander Dually Tapered Strut

    Orion TPSS Attachment Structure (TAS)
    • Teamed with Lockheed Martin Space Systems Company to complete the design of a structurally efficient composite tapered strut for NASA-LaRC with end use on Altair Lunar Lander
    • Utilized SDC’s proprietary Bladder Casting manufacturing process to construct composite structures with complex trapped tooling features
    • Benefits of Bladder Casting manufacturing process:
      • Out-of-autoclave process
      • Reusable tooling lowers cost and reduces lead time
      • Part quality is consistent resulting in lower scrap rate
      • No risk of “unwashable” remnants internal to the strut
    San Diego Composites
    Lay-up of the TPSS Attachment Structure
    Bladder Casting Tooling for the Lunar Lander Tapered Strut
    Parts Met Challenging Tolerances and Material Quality Specifications
    Lay-up of the Lunar Lander Composite Tapered Strut