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    Propulsion Systems

    SDC has built an industry reputation for designing, manufacturing, and delivering high quality, lightweight propulsion systems hardware, from composite overwrapped pressure vessels to nozzles. Utilizing consistent and efficient manufacturing processes, including filament winding, SDC provides cost effective hardware for the propulsion systems industry.

    In-House Capabilities Allow SDC to Deliver Advances Propulsion Systems:

    • McClean Anderson Filament Winders
      • 30" diameter and 12' length parts
      • 60" diameter by 35' length parts
    • 'Product-ready' modular winding machine accommodates automated hoop winding of myriad diameter toroidal tanks (6"-28")
    • Capacity 1000+ parts per year
    • Sophisticated pattern simulation develops stable machine paths while optimizing winding time
    • High pressure burst testing facility with high speed video capture

    SDC Nanotechnology
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    Composite Toroidal Tanks
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    Filament Wound Structures
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    Composite Monorail
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