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    Canister and Containers

    SDC is an industry leader in the development of missile launch canisters and containers for ground, naval, and airborne applications. SDC specializes in lightweight composite canisters that reduce weight and improve performance compared to traditional metal canisters. We provide full service capabilities from design development, detailed analysis, tooling design, fabrication and qualification testing

      In-House Capabilities Allow SDC to Rapidly Design, Develop, and Manufacture Advanced Missile Canister Systems
    • SDC can provide turnkey development of composite and metal missile launch canisters from concept design to full rate production
    • Our state-of-the-art facilities allow for lean manufacturing and we have built a strong international reputation for innovative and low cost missile canisters
    • SDC has unique facilities on site for simulating missile launches from canisters at representative missile accelerations and velocities
    SDC Employees at the San Diego, CA Facility
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