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    SDC’s LLC Canister Completes Two Successful Missile Launches

    SDC and Regents Bank Celebrate 10 years of Partnership


    SAN DIEGO, CA, February 2017 - San Diego Composites, Inc. (SDC) is pleased to recognize 10 years of teaming with Regents Bank, headquartered in La Jolla, CA. Over the years, President Steve Sefton and Executive Vice President Stephen Friedman have worked with SDC President Robert Kolozs, Vice President Christine Benzie, Chief Technology Officer Ken Mercer, and Chief Financial Officer William Eriksen, serving as trusted advisors with banking insights to help SDC increase their capabilities and grow their company.

    This was especially true in 2015, when Regents partnered with SDC to help secure an important Lockheed Martin contract to create components for NASA’s Orion spacecraft. Regents worked with SDC to acquire a large autoclave – one of the largest in Southern California. With this investment, SDC was able to establish a new market position and outpace many competitors.

    “The folks at Regents Bank have been trusted partners to SDC for a long time,” said Kolozs. “We are glad to take a moment and thank them for their assistance in our growth.”


    Completed Orion Fastener Block Unit Fabricated By SDC

    For more about the Regents and SDC connection, click here to read the Regents Bank 2015 Annual Report

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