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    SDC’s LLC Canister Completes Two Successful Missile Launches

    SDC Receives the Orion Program Manager’s Commendation


    San Diego, CA, April, 2016 – San Diego Composites Inc. (SDC) received the Orion Program Manager’s Commendation in recognition for providing outstanding production of composite parts on the Orion Spacecraft Crew Module. Attending the ceremony were representatives from NASA, Lockheed Martin Space Systems Company (LMSSC), and Staffers from the offices of Congressman Scott Peters and Congressmen Duncan Hunter. The delegates were briefed on Orion’s past and future missions and then toured SDC’s state-of-the-art composites manufacturing facility, where key hardware for the Orion Launch Abort System is fabricated.

    Astronaut Rick Mastracchio, NASA’s Lara Kearny, and LMSSC’s Larry Price Presented SDC with The Orion Program Manager’s Commendation


    Staff and Guests in front of SDC’s 16’ diameter x 30’ Autoclave

    SDC has been working with NASA and Lockheed Martin on the Orion Spacecraft since 2009 and has provided over 1,000 unique parts. e SDC continues to fabricate large critical structures for the Orion Spacecraft using state-of-the-art digital fabrication techniques and SDC’s new large scale curing autoclave.


    Please see the links below for additional coverage of the event.

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