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    SDC’s LLC Canister Completes Two Successful Missile Launches

    SDC Hardware Onboard on Historic Blue Origin New Shepard Flight

    West Texas, November 23, 2015 – Blue Origin’s New Shepard space vehicle has completed a historic test flight with hardware fabricated by San Diego Composites (SDC) onboard. The New Shepard space vehicle is a vertical-takeoff, vertical-landing rocket with the ability to be reused for multiple launches. During the test flight, the New Shepard vehicle reached an altitude of 329,839 feet (100.5km). After reaching its planned altitude, the launch vehicle successfully performed a powered landing, marking the first time that a rocket booster has entered space and returned for a vertical landing back on Earth. The crew capsule module returned safely using deployed parachutes.

    Click to Play: Blue Origin New Shepard Historic Launch and Vertical Landing

    SDC has served Blue Origin ( as a development partner since 2013 and fabricated several key components for the New Shepard vehicle. Two examples are the RCS Panels and Parachute Buckets. The RCS Panels are composite fairings located towards the aft end of the booster that flew as part of the historic test flight. The Parachute Buckets house the parachutes that will be used on a future mission by the New Shepard crew capsule to safely return to Earth. SDC provided tooling design, processing, and fabrication services in order to successfully deliver the hardware for the New Shepard space vehicle.


    (Left) RCS Panels Fabricated at SDC and (Center/Right) Mounted on New Shepard

    The SDC-Fabricated Parachute Buckets for Use on a Future New Shepard Mission

    SDC is proud to have supported Blue Origin on its groundbreaking test flight of the New Shepard vehicle. To find out more about SDC’s space and stable structures capabilities, please contact Ken Mercer at or by phone at (858)751-0450.

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