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    Orion Launch

    SDC Cuts Ribbon at Corporate Headquarters

    San Diego, CA, November 6, 2014 - San Diego Composites, Inc. (SDC) celebrated the opening of their 70,000 square feet state-of-the-art production facility in San Diego, CA, with a Ribbon Cutting Ceremony. Twenty-four industry peers, customers, and friends attended the ceremony including John Ly from San Diego Mayor Faulconer's office, Donna Dawson from Composites World magazine, and several suppliers and customers from all over the country with some traveling as far as Maryland, West Virginia, and Minnesota. The ceremony consisted of speeches given by SDC's President Rob Kolozs, Vice President Christine Benzie, and Chief Technology Officer Ken Mercer and an open house with facility tours and refreshments.

    As described by Ken Mercer during the ceremony, "SDC's charter since its 2003 inception is to be a technology leader in the aerospace industry. Through our groundbreaking research, technical partnerships, equipment investments, and dedication to innovation on all our project solutions, we continue to add to our long track record of technology breakthroughs." With our investment in quality systems, facilities, state of the art equipment, software, and personnel training, SDC now stands as a production company that is anchored in a solid engineering base. Moving into the 70,000 square foot facility demonstrates SDC's commitment to investing in our future and our dedication to providing the industry with high quality and cost effective components and systems.

    The new Headquarters is SDC's fourth facility in its 11 year history. At the ceremony, SDC's President, Rob Kolozs, declared, "Here today, we have laid the foundation for our future, and we look forward to this being just the beginning of what SDC has yet to build and accomplish. This new Headquarters will bring science, technology, engineering and manufacturing together as SDC steps into the future and grows with our industry partners." He and Christine Benzie then cut the ribbon and officially welcomed ceremony guests into SDC's new Headquarters.

    If you have worked with SDC in the past or are interested in working with SDC in the future, please visit us at our Corporate Headquarters located at 9220 Activity Road, San Diego, CA 92126. More information about SDC's facility and capabilities can be found on our website:

    SDC Ribbon Cutting
    Click here to see the full Video:

    SDC's Ribbon Cutting Ceremony Highlights

    NASA Orian Spacecraft Lift Off
    SDC's Ribbon Cutting Ceremony

    NASA Orian Spacecraft Lift Off
    SDC's President and Vice President Cut the Ribbon while SDC CTO and Comptroller Look On

    NASA Orian Spacecraft Lift Off
    SDC Staff Welcomed Ceremony Guests

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