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    SDC Delivers Lightweight Propulsion Systems Hardware

    SDC Delivers Lightweight Propulsion Systems Hardware

    San Diego, CA, July 2, 2013 San Diego Composites, Inc. (SDC) has built an industry reputation for designing, manufacturing, and delivering high quality, lightweight Propulsion Systems hardware ranging from composite overwrapped pressure vessels to nozzles. Utilizing consistent and efficient manufacturing processes, including filament winding, SDC provides cost effective hardware solutions to the Propulsion Systems industry.

    SDC specializes in manufacturing lightweight composite over-wrapped pressure vessels (COPVs) with thin metallic liners for pressurant and propellant tanks with operating pressures up to 10,000 psi and 700 psi, respectively. SDC's composite pressurant and propellant tanks are 30% to 50% lighter than conventional metals tanks. Advanced materials and processes are selected for each application balancing system level performance and end item cost. SDC also has experience incorporating complex plumbing including propellant management devices (PMDs) to deliver subcomponent assemblies ready for system integration. SDC offers innovative tank shapes such as cylindrical bottles with oblate spheroids domes and toroidal COPVs to provide improved packaging options.

    SDC specializes in manufacturing lightweight composite rocket motor cases. SDC engineers materials and processes to increase the temperature capabilities of composite rocket motor cases, which reduces inert case mass. High temperature materials increase performance of rocket motor cases by reducing the quantity of internal and external insulation required. SDC developed and tested processes to ensure consistent quality parts.

    In-house capabilities allow SDC to deliver high rate production of advanced Propulsion Systems. SDC's Propulsion Systems components meet challenging tolerances and material quality specifications. SDC utilizes sophisticated composite pattern simulation to develop stable machine paths while optimizing winding time. Two McClean Anderson filament winders (12' and 35' lengths) and a production ready modular winding machine for toroidal tanks (6"-28" diameters) allow for capacity of 1000+ parts per year. These repeatable and efficient automated manufacturing methods enable reliability, affordability, and mission assurance for Propulsion Systems hardware. Final products are proof and burst tested in SDC's high pressure testing facility and captured with high speed video. SDC's burst containment system is capable of 450F operating temperature and 45,000 psig.

    For more information about SDC's Propulsion Systems hardware and capabilities, please contact Jon Blackler at

    SDC's Propulsion Systems Pattern Simulation, Automated Manufacturing, and Burst Testing
    SDC's Propulsion Systems Pattern Simulation, Automated Manufacturing, and Burst Testing
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