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    SDC Develops Lightweight Shielded Cables

    SDC Develops Lightweight Shielded Cables

    San Diego, CA, April 2, 2013 – San Diego Composites, Inc. (SDC) developed shielded cables that are 33% lighter than conventional double shielded copper cables with comparable cost. Over the course of an Air Force Research Lab (AFRL) Phase II Small Business Innovative Research (SBIR) effort, SDC designed, manufactured, and tested lightweight coaxial cables, shielded twisted pair SpaceWire cables, and harnesses. SDC, along with shielding material supplier Conductive Composites Company, developed shielding material forms that could be inserted into industry standard production manufacturing methods. SDC also established a method to reduce EMI leakage in shield/connector interfaces by utilizing lightweight nanomaterials. SDC transitioned cable production to an industry original equipment manufacturer (OEM) achieving manufacturing readiness level (MRL) 5. In relevant environment electrical tests, SDC's lightweight cables showed equivalent or improved performance compared to the baseline copper braid cable in all frequency ranges achieving technology readiness level (TRL) 5.

    SDC teamed with prime contractors for technical integration into satellite and missile system applications. One prime contractor is investing Internal Research and Development (IRAD) funding for additional qualification testing of the lightweight cables for satellite applications. Commercialization of the shielding materials can extend from lightweighting coaxial cables, shielded twisted pair cables, and harnesses on spacecraft and missile systems to lightweighting electrical systems on aircraft and ships. SDC's CEO, Gary Wonacott, remarks,

    "SDC's Phase II SBIR program to develop the lightweight shielded cables and harnesses highlights SDC's talent for innovative technology integration to benefit aerospace systems. Not only are numerous prime contractors looking to integrate this technology, but, commercial companies are also looking to acquire and utilize this SBIR product. The Phase II SBIR program has been a stepping stone into the advancing world of nanotechnology and SDC looks forward to continuing to push the envelope for the production of state-of-the-art nanotechnology products."

     – Gary Wonacott, SDC CEO

    For more information about SDC's lightweight cables and nanotechnology solutions, please contact Megan Caprio at

    SDC's Lightweight Shielded Cable Assemblies
    SDC's Lightweight Shielded Cable Assemblies

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