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    SDC's 1st Patent

    SDC Awarded Patent

    San Diego, CA, February 27, 2013 - San Diego Composites, Inc. (SDC) was awarded a patent for their self-adjusting wedge bumper. Inventors Rob Kolozs and Josh Moore developed the self-adjusting bumper for eliminating rattle space between objects and their containers. The self-adjusting wedge bumper comprises sliding adjustable upper and lower tapered nylon wedges, each with dovetail guide rails and opposing guide pin rails. Opposing helical extension springs secured to the sides of the upper and lower wedges minimize friction forces between the wedges as they slide relative to one another. External surfaces of the wedges may be contoured to accommodate the shape of the object and/or its container. SDC's self-adjusting wedge bumper patent can be viewed and downloaded here.

    SDC's focus on innovation, technology development, and production offers customers a unique opportunity for highly engineered products while remaining responsive and affordable. SDC was founded in engineering and still offers a strong Product Development component along with a clear path to Production. The self-adjusting wedge bumper is just one example of SDC's ability to combine innovation and functionality in order to meet stringent customer requirements for real world applications. For more information on the self-adjusting wedge bumper and other SDC mechanisms solutions, please contact Josh Moore at

    SDC Employees at the San Diego, CA Facility
    SDC Self-Adjusting Wedge Bumper

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