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    SDC to Fabricate Stiffened Fuselage Test Panels

    SDC Sends Care Packages to Troops Overseas in Honor of Veteran's Day

    San Diego, CA, November 18, 2011 – In honor of Veteran's Day, the Mission Bay Women's Club along with San Diego Composites, compiled and sent care packages to U.S. Troops in Afghanistan and Bahrain. The packages contained much needed everyday items such as food, snacks, playing cards, personal care items, magazines, etc. These little luxuries can be taken for granted when they are so readily available here in the States but to the men and women fighting overseas, these items are a reminder of home and provide an escape from the daily stresses of the war zone.

    This encouraging letter was also included in each package::

    The Mission Beach Women's Club is enormously proud of your service and support of our country.
    We applaud your courage and commitment to freedom and democracy.
    Mostly, we want you to know how much we care.
    Our partner in this project is San Diego Composites, Inc., a small business that dedicates its efforts to keeping our military safe by engineering solutions to military defense systems.
    Together, we are grateful for your service and sacrifice and wish you success in your mission.
    The Mission Beach Women's Club and San Diego Composites, Inc.

    Compiling Care Packages Shipping Care Packages at the Post Office
    Compiling Care Packages at the
    Veteran's Day Remembrance Event
    Shipping Care Packages
    at the Post Office

    Also, special thanks goes out to Honor Flight and to Sarah Mattinson for organizing the shipping and delivery of the 92 care packages. Honor Flight is an organization that raises funds to fly Veterans to the War Memorials in Washington D.C. On Monday, November 14th, 2011, the Mission Bay Women's Club hosted a Veteran's Day Remembrance event where the care packages were compiled. Honor Flight provided a presentation about their work and a few WWII Veterans spoke and were honored at the event.

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