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    Nachi 6-Axis Robot

    SDC Adds Nachi 6-Axis Robot Capability

    San Diego, CA, August 1, 2012 - San Diego Composites recently acquired a Nachi SH200 6-axis robot. The Nachi SH-200 robot adds a true 6 degree of freedom 6-axis machining capability within a 20' diameter spherical machining envelope. It is currently paired with a Colombo 10HP 18000 RPM automatic tool changing spindle to allow for the machining of composites and tooling. The robot has the ability to accept other cutters and tools up to its 200 Kg payload limit allowing future role flexibility. The addition of the Nachi 6-Axis robot, under the guidance of Mr. Greg Rodesch, SDC's Director of Automation, now positions SDC to support large, complex, precision machining projects for all our customers.

    Nachi 6-Axis Robot

    SDC's 6-Axis Nachi Robot Performing Precision Machining on the Orion Flight Capsule Backshells

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