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    SDC to Fabricate Stiffened Fuselage Test Panels

    SDC Hires Director of Automation

    San Diego, CA, May 2, 2012 - San Diego Composites is pleased to announce that Greg Rodesch has joined the company as Director of Automation. Greg will be responsible for programming SDC's myriad automated cutters, including their newly acquired Nachi SH200 6-axis robot, and machining complex composite products. Greg has over 13 years of experiences in quoting, process design, fixture design, CNC programming, and inspection. He has a background in custom designed fixtures, robotics, and up to 8-axis CNC machines of all varieties. He has worked on numerous military projects including the X-47 Pegasus UCAV, A-160 Hummingbird, CH-53, C-5, A-10, GlobalHawk, and Predator among others. He also worked on civilian projects including the Space Shuttle, GE CF34 thrust reverser, and the new VAFN system for the Pratt & Whitney geared turbofan engines.

    Greg Rodesch

    Greg Rodesch and SDC's Nachi SH200 6-Axis Robot

    SDC's 6-Axis Nachi Robot

    SDC's 6-Axis Nachi Robot Performing Precision Machining on the Orion Flight Capsule Backshells

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